It all came from an idea. An idea to make networking more accessible. 

During my career I have attended many different events both as a consultant and a business owner and one thing has stood out. People buy from People. I know you have probably heard this saying and it’s 100% true, let me give you an example; like many people this year I have built a home office in my garden, after many hours on the web and contacting firms for quotes I spoke to a carpenter that I knew from the gym I attend. Now I have known this guy for a few years and although my specifications were vague and I therefore didn’t have a fixed quote our relationship meant that he understood exactly what I wanted, I also knew his reputation and quality of work, but most importantly I trusted him and in business trust is so important.

Trust in business is important; it is gained over time and should be a constantly growing, mutual relationship. Common interests support the development of trust and so the idea came about to create a social event for business owners, an event where people felt comfortable to attend regardless of status or sector, and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere to socialise with people who have that common interest of business regardless of size or type. Most of all, we wanted to form a community. A community which could help support one another, offer advice and form those connections that may lead to other things.

Partnering with The Kiln Co Working space we opened our doors to the first event back in September to an amazing response. Drinks were provided by a local bar, Triple B and ferried across throughout the night. The Kiln is the perfect setting and occupies an old police station complete with original cells which are now converted into meeting rooms. This quirky venue offered us exactly the right atmosphere, light, open, modern, and most importantly relaxed! The event went perfectly with a continuous flow of conversation between guests that not just included the normal business topics but also ranged from the newly released Bond film to the best independent eating establishments in Worcester.

This is Not Just a Networking event but a business social, an evening for anyone who is in business. We don’t do pitches or dress codes, but we do however offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, one where you can be yourself and have a drink with likeminded people, from a range of sectors. If you have a shop, factory, workshop or any business you will find us welcoming, relaxed and interested in what you do.

Our next evening is being held at the Kiln in Worcester on the 25th of November, why not come along and see what it’s all about. 

Not Just Networking will next be held Thursday 25th November 2021 between 17:30 – 19:30  at The Kiln, 2 Copenhagen Street, Worcester WR1 2HB

The event is held the last Thursday of every other month (next will be 27th January 2022)

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Guest Blogger: Peter Daniel – Blue Orchid, Area Manager for the Midlands