Arch 27

If you are a local creative, performer or artist looking for flexible space for performances, rehearsals, pop-up galleries, events, workshops or exhibitions, then Arch 27 could be the perfect venue for you.

Arch 28/29

The Artery Studios

The Artery Studios is a place where Worcester’s creatives can build a community together.
It is set within two of the repurposed light-filled viaduct arches.

Arch 30

SLAP Mag Cooperative

SLAP Mag – Supporting Local Arts and Performance – SLAP Mag was founded in 2011 as a printed magazine to support local artists and performers in Worcestershire.

Arch 33

T Label and Kibbo Kift

T LABEL can be recognised from a style of design Taylor named ‘romantic wear’.
Romantic Wear is a three-dimensional connection between clothing, nostalgia and one’s self.

Kibbo Kift Agency is a specialist PR & Performance Agency, exclusively promoting climate solutions and social justice Initiatives

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