Is the Graduate Retention Programme only available to University of Worcester Graduates?2023-05-21T16:29:00+01:00

No, we are keen to support graduates who have come through the University and who want to stay in the City as well as students who live in Worcester but who studied at other Universities.

How will you work with volunteer led groups?2023-05-21T16:28:41+01:00

There will be funding  for volunteer led groups can apply for which will enable them to either do something different, take a risk, grow their audiences or develop new ones.

Is public art part of this project as it contributes so much to place making?2023-05-21T16:28:23+01:00

This will be included as part of the walkway between Foregate Street Station and The Arches.  There is also scope to seek additional funding to develop more contemporary public art.

How can interested parties get involved?2023-05-21T16:28:05+01:00

At various points in the project there will be opportunities to get involved in different aspects. If you sign up to the mailing list via our contact form we will keep you updated as and when.

How can I rent space at The Arches?2023-05-21T16:27:47+01:00

If you’re interested in renting some of the re-developed commercial space at The Arches after the work is complete, please let us know via the contact form on this website and we will add you to our waiting list for more information. You also have the opportunity to sign up to our mailing list so we can keep you updated about the project.

How will I be able to get space at The Arches?2023-05-21T16:27:26+01:00

The regeneration of the arches will provide a number of spaces that can be rented by artists and creative businesses. There will be a mix of spaces available to accommodate as many needs as we can.  Some will be co-working spaces where individuals will be able to rent a single desk or workspace, some might be adapted to fit small businesses or start-ups.

The criteria for the funding states that the space has to be occupied by non-commercial companies – this doesn’t mean that artists can’t sell work, it just means that large commercial companies can’t occupy these spaces.  We hope that by developing this area it will attract more companies to develop their own arch.

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