CCSkills has been working to develop and promote Apprenticeships in the Creative Industries for over 15 years across the whole of the UK.  We seen a lot of changes over those years as they way they are delivered and the routes people can take have altered and expanded but it is fair to say that we think they are brilliant for both creative businesses and for the apprentices themselves.

Working with the Arches project and supported by the City Council and the University we are keen to bring our experience and our enthusiasm for  Apprenticeships to the Creative Industries in Worcester.  We want to talk about why we think they are a great route into the sector and how they can be good for business as well.    So on 22nd March we will be bringing our experience of Apprenticeships to Worcester via two online sessions  we will be looking what an Apprenticeship Standard looks like, how much are apprenticeships paid, what does a good apprenticeship job description look like and what are the best ways to recruit an Apprentice.  We will also be asking people to think about the fact that apprenticeships can be for anyone of any age – they are not just for young people.  If you as a manager in a creative business need to upskill your existing staff then then an apprenticeship programme might be a good option for you.

The sessions on the 22nd will also look at the fact that Apprenticeships will also look at what Standards are available, what is the right standard for your creative business and how does a Standard relate to a job description.   There will be two sessions the one in the morning will be an “Introduction to Apprenticeships”  which will look at standards, funding and delivery (amongst lots of over stuff) and the afternoon session will be more focussed on looking at recruitment, good practice, and induction processes and we are calling this “A Manager’s Guide to Apprenticeships”. Each session should last about 2 hours.

As I’ve already said here at CCskills we think Apprenticeships are a brilliant way of developing Creative Businesses.  If you interested book a place on one of the sessions and find out a bit more.  For an informal chat about these workshops contact me Anthony Skates at

Anthony Skates

Partnership Manager (West Midlands and South West of England)