ARCH 28/29

Arch 28/29,
Croft Walk,

01905 963807

The Artery Studios will be a place where Worcester’s creatives can build a community together. It is set within two of the repurposed light-filled viaduct arches. The spaces will include affordable artist studios and makers desk space. An area for printmaking facilities is in the planning stages, as well as a workshop space and a pop-up gallery.

Helping to sustain and promote Worcester’s community of visual artists is at the core of The Artery Studios. Events will bring people together and a space to make art will give creatives a home in the City Centre.

The Artery Studios aims to engage everyone who wants to be involved and welcome young and emerging artists and makers. Already, connections are being made and people are getting together to talk about the creativity that happens every day in Worcestershire.

If you are a Worcester-based artist or maker and you need a place to work, teach or exhibit, The Artery Studios will give you an affordable platform to build your creative business. If you’re interested in getting involved or joining us please get in touch or pop in to say hi!