In the light of the predicted ongoing social distancing restrictions, it has been necessary to revise timings for the Arches-Worcester Festivals programme. Rather than attempt to hold ‘online’ versions of the festivals originally planned, our focus is on creating high quality events to help to attract people back to the city centre when the time is right and put a smile on people’s faces.

We will present a number of small scale ‘walk about’ pieces in the city centre on weekends in the Autumn – all programmed with social distancing restrictions in mind. More about this later in the year!

The next major festival will be Light Night 2021. We will create a trail of projections lighting up  the sides of many of Worcester’s iconic buildings. To allow for as many people as possible to enjoy the trail and to accommodate social distancing the festival will take place  over a number of evenings, instead of one night as was the case at Light Night 2020 in January.

Community Festivals Development Fund

The community fund is currently on hold, but look out for more information over the next few months on , and @Archesfests Twitter feed.