Worcester resident Mike Davis ditched a comfortable career to blaze his own trail and set up an independent microbrewery – underneath one of the city’s iconic Victorian railway arches.

“I’ve always had a rebellious streak in me; I had a job in the automotive industry, but I knew I wanted a less predictable path for my life,” explains Mike.

When space underneath one of the city centre’s Victorian railway arches became available, he knew he’d found the ideal spot for his new pub – and the Arch Rivals was born.

 “I want to create a venue that is different, independent and a bit quirky,” says Mike.  “This part of the city has its own unique character – it’s got a streak of anarchy which is very different from the more traditional parts of Worcester.”

The pub, which opened in September 2018, attracts a broad range of clientele from students, real ale lovers of all ages through to families on weekend visits. The pub stocks a wide range of beers from Herefordshire’s Wye Valley and cider from Celtic Marches – and Mike aspires to brewing some of his own products in the future.

“This is a place where everyone is welcome; quite a lot of my regulars come on their own – it’s a great place to make and meet friends,” says Mike.


Cash injection will transform The Arches

The next 12 months will see big changes come to the area, as six nearby arches are refurbished as part of the £4.5m investment to create a new cultural quarter for Worcester.

The area between Foregate Street station and the riverside will open up and will benefit from better lighting, pavement resurfacing and the removal of gates along the route.

“I’m looking forward to footfall increasing, as new creative businesses settle under the arches and the whole area gets higher visibility,” says Mike.

“Come on down, enjoy relaxed company and explore a completely different side to the city”.

Arch Rivals, 4 Netherton Court, Worcester WR1 3AU

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/ArchRivalsWorcester/