Our purpose is to be the national collective that ensures the success of Cultural Development Fund investment. By creating the space to share, nourish, innovate and re-energise for all of our trailblazing projects we will influence, communicate, learn, celebrate and drive further investment, securing the legacy of the Cultural Development Fund.

Creative Estuary are delighted to lead the Network and in April 2020; we appointed Five10Twelve as our Network Coordinators.

The Cultural Development Fund Peer Learning Network will support the successful 2019-2022 CDF projects (WorcesterWakefield, Plymouth, Grimsby and Creative Estuary) in delivery of the aims and objectives of the fund, specifically the development of transformative economic growth and productivity strategies.

The Network will act as a forum to share best practice and generate knowledge to support evaluation of the Cultural Development Fund investment and the link between cultural investment and local growth. The Cultural Development Fund is a prime opportunity to improve the evidence base around culture’s economic impact. Helping to build the evidence base at a national and local level is an important component of this.