Witness Marks Exhibition


Arch 28
Croft Walk, Worcester, WR1 3BD

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09 - 12 Dec 2023


10:00 - 17:00

Witness Marks Exhibition

9th December – 12th December

(Private view: Friday 8th December by invitation)

Cast in the simplest light these are photographs of a house, but they are also photographs of a life, one that ticks with energy and movement. They are photographs of relationships, of time, and of space. They are photographs of the past, the present, and of the future.
Life is reflected in the patchwork spaces we create for ourselves, the collections we build, and the marks that we make. These are witness marks of success and failure, of inevitable trauma, and evidence of our occasional victory over it.
Our spaces wear the scars of our lives.
A project that began as a personal exploration now stands exhibited as a snapshot of where that exploration has led. While this exhibition marks the culmination of an MA in photography, this is likely not the end of Witness Marks as a body of work.
James Greenoff-Cairns is a Worcester based commercial photographer working nationwide. Alongside his commercial practice he continues a personal exploration of photography as a means of both understanding the world and his place in it.
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